Nature as a theme is infinite and abundant in varieties and this is my source of inspiration, the spell of the blooming beauty of nature, the role of eternal being in it, exploitation of nature by man, his Endeavour, ever-changing thought process with the passage of time and the impact of environment these all are the subjects of my art, to which I exhibit in form of my sculptures, paintings and poems.

Realizing art through any medium is a divine experience to me; like sculpting out a beautiful image hunkered in a stone.

And when the clay starts humming as soon as I touch it, contribution of many thousand instants makes it the part of my own being.

It is my hobby to test myself through colours and pictures for sometime.

I like to work in different media but sculpture is my area of special interest; Stone, wood, metal, fiberglass, concrete, clay& mix medium etc. are my favourite media.

The desire to do something novel sometimes creates inertia what new now? And this judders me, inspires me to continue my journey- that novelty will be waiting somewhere on the way.

I want to share the bliss with you that I experience in the journey of creation through my art.

Art for me is an effort to discover myself. Say, it is my life. I am striving day and night to make this journey meaningful.

I wish not only the beauty of art to fascinate everyone but its theme also, conveying a message to all who perceive it. Art that reveals the importance of existence.

(Pooja Rajpoot)